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Students will be required to show a sense of deep loyalty to the protection of school properties and well maintained environment inside the class rooms, corridors, facility rooms as well as in the open areas.

 Damaging, disfiguring and dirtying any area of the school premises will be taken as a serious offence and not only the involved students and their guardians will be called upon to pay damages but such defaulters will be liable to be expelled from the school.

Truancy will be another grave offence inviting strictures.

Use of indecent language, undignified postures and objectionable observations and indulging in any nefarious activity will find no excuse.




80% attendance including days of exams & tournaments is necessary for promotion to the higher class.



Students are allowed to school only in the fixed and tidy school uniform.On Monday,Tuesday,Thursday & Friday students must wear main school uniform according to the season & on Wednesday and Saturday they must wear house uniform.Girls of classes 5th onwards should wear divided skirts or trousers.

In winter school blazer is compulsory for all.

Note:Girls are advised not to wear gold ornaments in the school.

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