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Chairman's Desk

Shri arorvansh sanatan dharm mandir trust,Sri ganganagar establish in 1930,has been striving to stay on the leading edge of innovation.One must be aware of the most important factors essential for ensuring success.An ambitious person should realise the importance and should never give it up.True talent,intelligence and integrity are also needed to bring success.I have entirely given myself to the restoration of the glorious tradition of the trust.The achievements of APS has assured me that days are not faraway when once again.APS will become the first choice of the people for the education of their wards.Mr. Sachin K. Kukkar, Principal of APS and his team guides their eager pupils to succeed at the most competitive Sr.secondary school in the heart of the city with good quality.Infrastructure and to embrace the challenges awaiting them with confidence. I acknowledge their sincere efforts.devotion and wish them showers of successes.

Dear parents, Kindly be assured that APS is totally committed to maintain reliable learned faculty.

We would like to welcome you to our school.

“Time and world do not stand still.

Change is the law of life

And those who look only to the past

Or the present are certain to miss the future”

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