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The present century is dominated by globalization blended with information technology,Teachers have an influencing role in enhancing the overall personality development of thestudents.They are like beacons of light guiding them in the formative years of their life. A teacher moulds them and what they learn from their teachers remain with them throughout their real life.Real education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the world’s work,and the power to appreciate life. Real education is one of the few things that a person Is always ready to attain through self practice and demonstration.At APS teachers have certain inherent qualities that earn spontaneous respect from their students who even feel pride in emulating them and making them their role model. APS is also committed to maintain sacred trust & respect among the teachers & students,Based on solid foundation,APS focuses its efforts on advanced level of knowledge, the development of creative productivity,critical thinking communication skills and appropriate accomplishments in the visual and fine arts.A strong academic foundation and a growing sense of independence and curiosity is created among the students.

Come join us to blend essence of education light of success.

“By three methods we may learn wisdom,

First by reflection which is noblest,

Second by imitation which is easiest,

Third by experience which is bitterest:

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